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EverLasting Life Foundation Ministry

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EverLasting Life Foundation CDC


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           Everlasting Life Foundation CDC,  Another Chance Mentor Project’s unique design is to help ex-offenders  adapt back into society for LIFE, through hands on mentoring  programs, life skills training, education, and self-actualization. 

 Mission: To assist  individuals and citizens with adapting to societies issues by providing  the needed knowledge and understanding to adjust to a constantly  changing world.   


Photo depicts "the Impact of legalized marijuana on the community of Paterson" 9/29/2018, the presenters and guest Front Daryl Walls founder of MINDS, moving right, Ethan Alexander, Joseph Harris, Drug Counselor & Writer, 

form the left moving right Isaac Roberson, Keisha Henry, Rev Betty Simmons, Wendy Harrison,  Linda Galloshaw, publisher & activist, Rev William Henry facilitator of event, Pastor Samuel Jackson of Exodus Church,  Back row, Jeremy Coward, Jawaine McPherson, & Andre Guerrier. 

Announce coming events

 Friday, Feb. 7th, 2020 at  6:00 PM
There will be a Dr. Martin Luther King / Black Empowerment Program at Montgomery Village Community  Room, light refreshments. Montgomery and Summer streets, Paterson, NJ.

Life Concerns Support Group and Counseling Services


Everlasting Life Concern Support Group  will be offering support services for patients overcoming cancer  concerns also; family members support services for those family members  whom have cancer concerns.

Everlasting Life Concerns will be  offering cancer patients help in getting over their emotional, mental,  physical and spiritual concerns.  Everlasting Life Concerns will be  providing open discussions with Doctors’, Nurses’, Ministerial Guidance,  Psychological awareness, to discuss topics relevant to the patient and  their family. The support group’s discussions will be shaped by the  patients and patients’ family, with them being the main reason for the  support group. The staff and doctors will help in their area of  expertise since they are the knowledge base for the group.

The  Ministerial staff will keep the focus on the patient and their families,  re-evaluating the need of guidance constantly, regardless of race,  gender or religion. 

There was life before cancer and we must adapt to the changes in life and technology, that we can have life after cancer.

Everlasting Life Family & Life-Style Counseling,  counseling families in crisis with new methods to Assist those that may  be under-served or have fallen through the cracks of social assistance.  This is a new life-style teaching which highlights the importance of  family and the importance of what’s important. 

Director Rev. Betty Simmons

The Future of ELLF CDC & AChaMP

2019 EverLasting Life Foundation CDC will focus on providing Addictive Counseling & Treatment Services to the needy. 

Executive Board

EverLasting Life Foundation CDC, is a NJ Non-profit as determined
by Internal Revenue Service 501 (C)3 Tax Exempt status.

Another Chance Mentor Project, 

Board of Directors'

President, Keisha D. Henry

Treasurer, Jawaine McPherson

Secretary, Betty Simmons , MSW

Board Director, William M. Henry

Board Director, Doris Carter