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EverLasting Life Foundation Ministry

Welcome to Azariah 1 . org a host of inspiration to the community.

EverLasting Life Foundation Ministry

Welcome to Azariah 1 . org a host of inspiration to the community.



                           The Future 2020

   The Year of Prosperity and Light!  2019!

Let your internal (inherent) light shine forth and prosperity is sure to follow!

We will post You-Tube Video's This year 2020 to reach a wider audience with information, Spiritual, Social Justice, Governmental Science, Environmental Science & the Science of Substance & Behavioral Addictions. 

 2018 the year of TOGETHERNESS, there is no greater need than for us to come together this year and forever more. 2018 will be a great year of building the strong foundation to survive until the coming of Christ. We all must band together regardless of doctrine and move in a Godly, righteous and faith filled, spiritual direction. My brothers and sisters let us not be lead astray by trivial matters created to separate us but let us band together, pooling our resources and being that strong arm whenever and where  ever needed. Lets move as one family and help each other as family as our savior helps us.  


Another Chance Mentor Project (AChaMP). Redevelopment Group Sessions monthly meetings, the second Tuesday of the month,  at New African Center, 423 Broadway, Paterson, NJ call for further details 862-207-8485.

Everlasting Life is a founding member of the North Jersey Clergy Fellowship CDC, please feel free to attend our monthly meetings  listed to the right..  

North Jersey Clergy Fellowship CDC will be meeting at the Hamilton Club, 32 Church St. at the corner of Ellison St. Paterson, NJ.housing, Marijuana Impact on Paterson, Discussion, Another Chance Mentor Project, substance and behavioral counseling and treatment services, employment opportunity for the community, needed donations, Notary Public filing & info, organization 501 (c) 3 filings.  



About Us

Pastor William O Henry, MSW, First Lady Keisha Henry, their Son Daniel.

The Church


EverLasting Life Foundation Ministry will continue to serve and educate the world through our ministry regardless of religion, color, race, gender, political affiliation or country of origin. 

Founders of 7 Day Fitness Academy in Mesquite TX, The Austin's & Henry's enjoying God's Promise!

7 Day Fitness Academy

7 Day Fitness Academy is a safe haven for children and adults wanting to improve their health, fitness and confidence. At Seven Day Fitness you will learn the value of healthy eating and nutrition. Children will learn of living a healthy life style while also learning the proper exercise regimen according to their body type and level of fitness. Seven Day Fitness Academy will not only teach our children of health and fitness but will also show them their worth in society and build on their self-esteem and self-actualization in the process. 

to the Right: Marcellus and Carmen Austin of 7 Day Fitness Academy, Texas

Speakers & guest of the Impact of Marijuana on the Community.


Another Chance Mentor Project Is a mentor program designed to help the mentee (ex-offender) regain control of his or her life. This program will interview the mentee while incarcerated and assess and evaluate their needs to be productive and succeed in society.

· Mission

Another Chance Mentor Project, To cognitively assist individuals (ex-offenders) and citizens with adapting to societies issues by providing the needed knowledge and understanding to adjust to a constantly changing world. 


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EverLasting Life Foundation Ministry

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