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Welcome to our website 2023

*Inserra Group, Family, Price-Rite we truly thank you for the years of assisting the community of Paterson and surrounding areas. God Bless!

Price-Rite of Paterson-Garfield, NJCF-CDC, and EverLasting Life Foundation, thank you for your donation on Nov. 21, 2022, the North Jersey Clergy Fellowship CDC in collaboration with its many organizations, Distributed 100 turkeys and 100 hams to the public.  

We would like to thank Manifesting Miracles Worldwide of Passaic, for covering our overflow of need in December 2022 with turkeys and toys.

Jay's Soft Touch Car Wash and Detailing,  we thank you for your collaboration  in distributing coats to the needy on Sat. Nov. 19, 2022.
We appreciate the opportunity to honor Apostle Joseph and Prophetess Laura Robinson of the Greater Assembly Holy House of Prayer.

New Generation Kingdom of Power Ministries, Pastor Thomas Perry of Paterson, we thank you for your collaboration with EverLasting Life coat distribution on Fri. Dec. 23, 2022 at EDOM Christmas Smackdown Concert.
As we go into 2023 EverLasting Life  will continue to serve the needy in collaboration with other churches, organizations and businesses. 

 EverLasting Life Foundation, Truly Thanks You All, God Bless!  

Reducing recidivism by moving the mentee out of poverty!
Research says that:

 The recidivism rate amongst men of color aged 18 and above is astronomical. Black men are arrested more, sentenced more harshly, and not given the proper tools at corrections and upon release than men of other races. Yet, the government expects these individuals not to recidivate. Black men have been systematically disassociated from society to give them an inferior chance at surviving in America. Black men as children are provided less of an education, in a failing school system in the majority of urban areas. The African American male population is about 6.1% national, and about 7% in New Jersey. About 6% of Black men (aged 18-64 years old) are incarcerated in federal prisons, state corrections and county jails. What is more troubling is that about 34% of working aged black men who were not incarcerated were ex-offenders, had previously been convicted of a felony.  After mentoring ex-offenders for the past eleven years, statistics state that 83% released prisoners were rearrested within 9 years, 79% within 6 years and 68% within 3 years. Nationally, the unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated people is 5 times higher than that of the general public.   

The African American urban population has been estranged from society for numerous generations that the ex-offender does not look at society as a place they belong. Many ex-offenders need counseling for various issues including substance abuses, cognitive & behavioral issues, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), post traumatic slave syndrome (PTSS), other disorders and co-occurring issues, that are never diagnosed. The lack of proper medical and mental health care, the lack of education and continuing education while incarcerated for these men is horrific, with the average prison sentence in New Jersey being eight years.  

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Watch the videos, by reducing poverty we can move these men and women out of recidivism. Yes the world can be difficult but God created you for greatness, live that life HE created you for. There will be more information coming, use it to grow!

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